A Couple of Changes

Last night I was in the basement grabbing a bottle of wine and inspiration hit. It was a bottle of Chianti from Castello di Meleto where I once stayed. Picking it up reminded me of how important food and history/stories/culture are to the travel experience, at least for me. I love how the "ham" and the "histoire" of each trip connect to make a whole, unique, wonderful experience that is so easily recalled with something as simple as a bottle of wine. I've also been wanting to make my posts feel more connected and focused. So I'm going to test out some changes during the next couple of weeks and see how they work out. Instead of having a Daydream Destination on Fridays, I'm going to start with a destination on Monday. That destination will be like a theme for the week. On Wednesday, I'll do a little history post that relates to the destination and, then, on Friday I'll do a food post.

I'm also working on some general travel posts about things like my travel philosophy, how I pack, trip planning tips, etc.

I think it's kind of a journey figuring out what works best, but that is what is making it fun now.

See you Monday with a new destination to dream about. Have a great weekend!