Back in the Saddle

I’m back! I took an unexpected 2 week hiatus thanks to a one-two combo of a bacterial infection and viral infection. I tried to rest as much as possible, but I’ve also been busy with working on the guide when I can, going to doctors appointments, and getting some important wedding details under control (hooray for a marriage license!). 

Today, I just wanted to pop back in and say “Hi! Sorry I disappeared!” I hope to get back to a more regular blogging schedule soon. A few more wedding-oriented posts might slip into the mix over the next two months just because it’s such a huge part of our lives right now. Our schedules are filling up with vendor meetings and the little details that we’ve dreamt about for months are slowly becoming a reality. 

This week is packed with excitement. My first dress fitting is tomorrow. I haven’t seen her (yes, she’s a her) since January and I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve right now. To make things even better, S and I are going to the Jays/Orioles game on Thursday, my hair and makeup trial is on Friday, and my bridal shower is this weekend. Pinch me! It’s going to be such a busy, wonderful week. I guess the silver lining of getting doubly sick is that I—knock on all of the wood!—will be able to enjoy and savour it all. 

On top of all of that, we still have our French honeymoon to look forward to and I’ll be posting a more about the Languedoc region where we are goin. I’ve started working on a 2-week packing list that I’d like to share and have some ideas brewing for posts about trip planning. 

I mentioned earlier that my goal this week was to savour everything and enjoy it to the fullest. But really, that’s my goal for the next two months, whether it’s the wedding or working on the blog. Here goes nothin’!