Between orchard and vine

On Sunday I was really lucky to spend a day in Niagara with S and my mom. We had an errand to run in the morning, so we were on the road bright and early. Far earlier than we ever get up on a Sunday morning, which meant everything was finished by lunchtime. It was a bit of a revelation to realize that earlier mornings meant more time to enjoy the day. My mom, who is the brightest-eyed and bushiest-tailed morning person I know, already knew this, of course.

So we decided to take advantage of all of this found time and took a little drive up to the Good Earth Food and Wine Company for lunch. 

We nearly drove right past it because it's tucked back off a country road, but as soon as we pulled in, I felt a weight lift. There's something really special about the feel of this place. It's part farm, part bistro, and part vineyard. (Yes! They make wine!)

We were lucky to get seating outside. Apparently it's best to make reservations, because while the interior of the bistro is charming, the patio is absolutely beautiful. 

Our table was right near the outdoor pizza oven, so we got to chat with the chef a little bit and hear all about the pizzas of the day. You could tell that he was truly excited about the freshness of everything. At the edge of the patio, two tables down, a guitarist serenaded everyone. The atmosphere was wonderful. 

Since I was still on the Whole30, I was limited in my choices so I got a gluten-free charcuterie platter and shared some tomato avocado gazpacho.

Mostly, I enjoyed the company and the scenery. After lunch, I got up and wandered the little garden for a bit. I listened to the birds chattering in the birdhouse and investigated all of the pretty blooms. It was truly relaxing.

Life has been a bit hectic at times lately and I'm really starting to recognize how important it is to savour the quiet moments with the people I love. This lunch was a collection of those beautiful moments between orchard and vine.