Fall Christie Antique Show

On Saturday we went Christie Lake Conservation Area for the fall Christie Antique Show. It's one of our favorite day trips out of the city. Since it only rolls around twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, we make a point to go. 

Antiques. Antiques everywhere. 

Antiques. Antiques everywhere. 

First of all, I love the atmosphere of the conservation area. Wandering the huge field of tents next to a the lake reminds me of going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival when I was a kid. Since the show is biannual, it also feels like vendors up their game. So its 10 acres interesting finds. 


I love seeing how the show changes each season as trends come and go. When we first started antiquing, there were old factory carts all over the place. People were using them as coffee tables. Now it's a surprise if we see one. On to the next, I guess!


The "next" seems to be European/French linens. A couple of years ago, these grain sacks were rare. The first time I saw one, I fell in love with the idea of using it as a table runner. 

On Saturday, though, It seemed like every other vendor had some now that decorating magazines are featuring them in different ways. I thought the prices were high a year ago, but they've gone up a lot since then. I'm glad I ended up making my own runner out of a similarly striped table cloth!

I fell in love with the shape of this sleigh

I fell in love with the shape of this sleigh

It's also fun to see what people get excited about. The crowd is so diverse. Hipsters wandering around drinking beer. Yuppies buying up rustic furniture. Thirty year old guys excitedly pulling out every wrestling figure from large bins and showing them off to their unimpressed wife/girlfriend. An elderly couple buying a guitar. Kids pulling their parents over to see something cool. 

We almost always go with something in mind for ourselves. This time, we wanted to find a filing cabinet since I have a new-to-me desk. Try as we might, though, we almost never come home with the thing we want. Instead, we come home empty-handed or, on the best days, something unexpected will catch our eye. It ends up being fun no matter what.

A day spent antiquing? C'est la vie is right. 

A day spent antiquing? C'est la vie is right. 

This year, all I bought were two beat up calligraphy pens. I can't use the nibs, but I'm excited to try out the holders. We also now have a complete set of original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. They are currently fighting The Shredder on our TV stand. Bet you didn't see that coming! 


I already can't wait for the next show on May 23, 2015.



Interested in going? You should! It's $10 to get in. You can buy your tickets online to avoid lineups. Parking is free and there are plenty of shuttles to the distant lots. It's a long day, but the food and drink vendors will help keep you full, caffeinated, and hydrated for all that shopping.