France Day 6: A Dip in the Mediterranean


Today will be mostly a short picture post. Hopefully my Wordpress app will start working again. It has been deleting stuff as I save, so one post can take hours. If push comes to shove, I will try to do a couple short or small picture posts. Yesterday we spent some time of the beach. It was perfect weather while we were there. The sun was just hot enough to make you swear (ha! typo but too good not to leave. I meant sweat.) a bit and make the water even more tempting.

The Villefranche beach is an easy walk from our rental. We can either stay high up on the hill and take old, stoney pedestrian streets to a set of steps that lead to either the train station or the beach. The other option is to go down to the main street and walk along the cafes.

I took the upper, pedestrian way with my mom so I could see more of the houses and pretty paths.


The beach was everything I hoped it would be. Not too crowded, tiny pebbles warmed by the sun, and a gorgeous view.