I recently started researching Galicia for a group trip after a few people mentioned an interest in the north of Spain. What struck me most about this place was how different it seems from my preconceived ideas of what the country looks like. Galicia is an autonomous community located in the northwestern corner of Spain. Situated the Atlantic coast, it is part of Green Spain, with a diverse, lush landscape of mountains, rías, green hills, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs.

So what does Galicia have to offer? Just to name a few things: Roman ruins, megalithic structures, gorgeous beaches, thermal baths, tiny fishing villages, one of Europe's most visited pilgrimage sites (Santiago de Compostela), and deeply ingrained Celtic roots. It also has some of the best seafood and wine offerings in Spain. Bonus: fewer crowds!

I wrote up an information sheet for the region that includes some ideas of places to visit, food and drink, shopping, and estimated costs (based on my group's needs). Since I haven't been there (yet!) it might change in the future, but I thought I would at least put it out there for some inspiration.

Check it out! Here's the PDF: Histoire Travel Galicia Info 2012

Thumbnail Image, CC 2.0: Golden LightPaulo Brandão