Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone out there! Two thousand and twelve. Twenty 12. 2012. It always feels strange to write out the new year for the first time.

I know lots of people are starting to work on some serious resolutions. Others couldn't care less about goal-setting today. My blogging friend, Meli, had a great post on Friday about having a yearly motto that I really dug.

I guess I'm somewhere in between. I'm not cynical about resolutions but I don't feel the need to set major goals on a specific day either. I think January 1st is really just another day in a river of days that become years.

There's a quote from the movie Vanilla Sky that always stuck with me: "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around." We can all start anew anytime.

But I also think the symbolism and lure of a collective new start, the fresh emptiness of the year ahead is beautiful.

So this year I've decided on something a bit different. Three intentions inspired by three videos that I've watched almost daily for the past month or so. I figure since they obviously struck a nerve, then I should at least try to take something from them and put it into practice.

Be Kind


"Stop inviting walls into wide open spaces"

Language warning: there's an F-bomb in this one

"Do not settle for letting these waves settle and for the dust to collect in your veins."

For you out there, I hope you are happy and well. May you have a wonderful, successful, and peaceful new year.

And if you make resolutions, I hope you kick your goals' asses.