Spring Goals

It’s spring! Meteorologically speaking, at least. It will take a good long time for the temperatures to warm up enough to feel like spring here, but I’m going to celebrate anyway.

It’s also a perfect time to do a quick goals update. I like doing these as the season change to help stay focused. 

The Guide

The Versailles Vignette Guide is my top priority for spring. I’ve been fiddling with the layout and revisions whenever I have a chance, but I need to really sit down and get serious. That means my blogging might get a little less regular, but I won't drop it completely. 

Social Media

Being more active on my favourite social media sites was one of my goals for the beginning of the year. It's time to get more serious about this one, too. Come check me out on my favourites! I'm loving Instagram and Pinterest right now.

Do Another Whole30

I started my second Whole30 yesterday! I realized that I’ve been letting some bad habits sneak back into my life with all of the craziness going on. My bedtime keeps getting pushed back later and later. I’m on my computer most of the day and I need less screen time. I’ve been snacking on crackers, cookies, and chocolate a little too much. With the wedding coming full steam ahead, March is the best month for me to do a bit of a reset. 

I kicked off my first day with a deep analysis of the difference between Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, and Hostess CupCakes. It’s going to be a long month! Counting down to the "I can do anything!" tiger blood phase. T-14 days!

Do a Fitness Challenge

A couple of months ago my physiotherapist recommended adding ballet to my workout schedule. I couldn’t find an adult class that was nearby or in my budget, so I started looking at barre-based classes online. After a lot of trial and error I found Suzanne Bowen Fitness and love her classes. I don't know what she does that's different from the others, but she does wonders for my back.

She started a two month “Spring into Fitness” challenge today and I’m so on board! 

Plan the Wedding and Honeymoon

The big day is coming like a big, shiny, happy steam train! You would think that three and a half months is lots of time, but it’s not. I have a ton vendor meetings, loose ends to tie up, details to obsess over, gifts to buy, vows to write, parties to attend (woot woot!), documents to get, schedules to figure out, people to pay, etc etc etc. Not to mention the DIY projects. What lefty tries to learn calligraphy for their wedding? Yep. Me! 

Whoops! There's no Z in fox! Practice makes progress. 

Whoops! There's no Z in fox! Practice makes progress. 

On top of that, we still have honeymoon details to figure out. Admittedly, it’s the fun stuff like “Where should we go on day trips?” and “What are the best restaurants?” But it feels like an extra job sometimes. A pretty, frothy, and exciting job, though.

The other day I showed my friend one of the projects I just finished up and she said I should be blogging about it more. I might add a smattering here and there. Give the people what they want, right?  

As I look through the list again, I see two themes: Follow Through and Out with the Old, In With the New. I think that sounds perfect for spring!