London Light and Photo Prints

I remember one of my favourite parts of family vacations was getting the photos back. In the days before digital, the anticipation of finally seeing the photos you took when was a treat. Now it's so easy to review and cull them instantly that I get lazy when we get home. "I'll make a book someday." Meanwhile, all these great photos just sit on the computer waiting to be seen.

Yesterday, though, S and I finally had some of our trip photos printed. We got a gallery frame set from Pottery Barn months ago and decided we were tired of staring at the empty frames and had prints made at Costco. It was so easy and cheap--under $5 for 9 photos of various sizes--that I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier. We were even able to upload everything online and pick it up the next day. 

The photos, as nice as they are on the computer, are so much more beautiful printed. My favorite of the bunch is a simple 8 x 10 of a lamppost in London. 

I took it after we got off the London Eye at sunset. I remember seeing the lamppost falling in love with the colors, history, and imperfection of it. Every time I look at it, it takes me back to that moment. 

This is just a little reminder to go check out some of your old photos. Maybe you'll find a long lost happy memory to put on display.