France, Here I Come!

Photo 2013-03-27 12 59 14 PM

Whew! It has been more than a long time since I last updated Ham and Histoire. Life keeps happening in big ways and the blog tends to be neglected before the other stuff I have to work on. I feel terrible about it, but I would rather post when I can actually take the time to do something well than putting stuff out there just for the sake of it. I still have my Maryland trip to write about and will get to it eventually.

The next Maryland post will be about Camden Yards. If the O's keep doing such an awesome job, it might be good timing. Go O's! Fingers crossed, toes crossed, wearing an unwashed, stinky, cat food and mystery stained O's shirt.

Enough housekeeping. Onto the fun stuff.

I'm heading to France tomorrow! I'm going with my family and we will be in Paris and the French Riviera for a few weeks. If all goes well with the wi-fi at our rental, I will post as many updates and pictures as I can.

I'm. . .mostly packed. See?!

I would love to tell you all about my amazing packing skillz--yes with a z--now, but I can't. I wasn't any kind of expert this time around. There were even tears.

Really. (In my defense, it really has been a helluva couple of months so I may be a tad. . .what's the word I'm looking for? Ah yes. Nuts.)

But it all fits and I wont be naked, so that's good enough for me.

This is also possibly the least prepared, least researched I've ever been. I kind of like it. There's no real pressure to do anything but explore, eat great food (I'm coming, Pierre Hermé! Can you hear me? Prepare your strangest macarons for my belly, s'il vous plaît.), and drink great wine.

I will report back with my findings!